Commitment to Community


“Remain connected in community group and fellowship with other believers. Know that through all the things that may come and go in your life, God will never leave you nor forsake you.” Definitely the best advice I have EVER received. I teared up when I found this. This lady has inspired me to share the love of Christ everywhere I go, because it really can change someone’s life! #jesuschangedmylife❤️

Today, a sweet sister reminded me of this letter I wrote to her when I left college and simultaneously left as her community group leader. I still remember her timidity from the first day of group. Slowly she would open up and ask more questions.

After graduation, I remember our talks–the struggles and sadness, but also the growth and good times. And oh, our prayers! It was a joy to hear her ever-increasing confidence in praying to our Lord.

I got to be a start in this journey (one I didn’t actually want, but that’s a story for another day), yet I know it was her commitment to community that has kept her on the path of continuous growth in her walk with the Lord.

We’re not meant to venture this faith alone.

I recently moved to LA and whenever I visit a church, this is paramount in me deciding if I’m going to stay and join. I can’t live life in a vacuum and I can’t grow if I don’t have others there to see my blind spots or encourage me in the right direction.

God uses people to help grow and change us.

Do you have community? Are you sticking to it? If not, how can you cultivate community where you are?


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