Haters Gonna Hate

I remember hearing the saying that if you walked into a room of ten people, one of those ten would automatically not like you. For absolutely no reason, they won’t get along with you.

I also notice this behavior with my students. I may have a student who is a complete angel in my class, but in another teachers class acts a complete fool.

What do we do in these situations?

Maybe it’s not our job to figure out why they don’t like us. Maybe we’ll encounter more people like them in the future and God wants to teach us to continue to enjoy life despite the haters.

Enjoy it anyways!

P. S. In the words of T-Swift, “Shake it off.”

P. P. S. I think Taylor Swift actually took that from the Bible where Jesus tells his disciples that if anyone l doesn’t accept them, shake the dust off their sandals and keep moving on.

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On a journey to teach others....in style....as I live out....my faith. :)

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