You Remind Me of (Training Camp Pt. 3)


Anyone who walks closely with me in life knows that the hardest part of my time in California was my roommates. I was attacked, abused, and mistreated. In particular, one roommate was difficult from day one.

I can remember saying hi to her and getting absolutely no response. I remember the day I was pouring sweat (because in L.A. they so happened to not have central air conditioners–didn’t know that before signing the lease) and one roommate kindly let me borrow her fan, only for this other roommate to come and take it declaring there were no other fans in their room to which this was a lie. I even remember when I approached her about it, she seemed to be appalled that I would be angry over such a lie. And I can remember many other similar occasions.

The irony…

I thought we would be the closest. The days leading up via text and social media relayed similar interests. Bitmoji!! Workouts!! Fashion!! BOOKS!!! Yeah, somehow we were going to hit it off.

But that’s not what happened. 

It wasn’t just an “unmet expectation” but it was a nightmare.

So when I arrived at Training Camp and saw a familiar-looking Hispanic woman with similar mannerisms and a resting _____(I’ll let you fill in the blank)________ face, it was hard to not assume we would NOT be friends and our encounters would be horrible.

Because that’s only realistic, right? We let one experience dictate another. Sadly…but that’s not how it should be.

After saying hi to her, she responded. <shock> Not only did she respond, but she revealed the biggest smile with the cutest little dimples! She had very much similar interests as I did: working out, reading and JESUS! Really crazy–Ana’s story and what I do know about my previous roommate are uncannily similar regarding their faith journey. But they weren’t the same. She was real and authentic. And she was one person I felt comfortable with. She laughed and had joy. She gave advice and she listened. She redeemed the image I had of my roommate.

I told her that I was so thankful for her just being her because I needed it. I had no intent to treat anyone who looked like her maliciously and I carried no bitterness from my previous living situation, but I know the Lord used Ana for me.

She was a reminder that the Lord makes all things new! He redeems all things!

It’s SOOOOO easy to let the wounds, hurts, and rejections of the past seep into your future. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to label people before or as soon as we meet them. Every person is worthy and valuable. No, you don’t have to be best friends with people you simply don’t get along with, but there is common ground and respect.

God is so relational that unity is one of his highest priorities. He calls us to be unified, to not let the root of bitterness enter, and to not let the enemy get a foothold in the detriment of a relationship. If we truly used our spiritual eyes, we could see how stealthily he tries to do this. And if we are not aware of those subtle ways, we’ll allow him to destroy a relationship before it ever begins all because of past wounds.

Paul says, “One thing I do is forgetting what is behind me, and I press forward” (Philippians 3:13). Forgetting is continual. Is not past tense nor solely present tense; it is a present participle indicating continuous action. Every time the thought comes (because it will happen multiple times until you’ve retrained your mind), you must choose unity.


Dear friends. I choose unity over scrutiny ( … I wanted to rhyme).

What will you choose?

Until Heaven or Sooner,





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P.S.S. I wrote a letter one day to this roommate while praying. Click here to read.

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