Is Teaching for Me?


I wasn’t tired of teaching before I committed to the race, but I was fed up of having to do everything besides simply teach: discipline, grades, administration, etc. You name it. If it contributed to teacher burnout, I was done with it.

My mind began to weigh the pros and cons of staying in education or leaving. Pro: Summers off and teacher discount. Cons: Daily overtime, long hours, disrespectful students, mental toil, emotional toil, high (scratch that) unrealistic expectations…Definitely more cons than pros.

However, I didn’t come on the race to escape teaching or any of the sort. In this first month, what has become apparently clear is I love teaching and I love my adolescent age group! No matter the ministry task, the Lord allows me to see an aspect of teaching. The Peruvian ladies are bosses handling the Word and I find myself taking notes, not on the actual message (because if we’re honest, I don’t understand the majority of what’s being said), but on the delivery. How was her lesson organized? Which words has she emphasized? Oh, wow, look how engaging her teaching is! Review first, introduce new concept, and then review again. I’m literally creating my own lessons plans as I listen. Yet, above that, the Lord allows me to really see these young people and speak into their lives. I can understand where they’re at. I can have actual conversations with them. Even with the language barrier, it’s still one of my favorite times. Honestly, I cringe at the thought and mention of children’s ministry, but say jovenes (young adults) and I’m there!


One of my sweetest moments was teaching two pre-teens the creation story and walking them through it in the Bible as my team taught the children the same story with hand motions and all those kid things. I, on the other hand, got to explain what each day was and cross-reference it in my English Bible with their Spanish Bible. It was truly a sweet moment for me.


I honestly don’t know if I’ll return to teaching after the race, but that passion is still alive and strong. I don’t know if the love for teaching is meant to extend outside of the classroom in a pastoral setting. I don’t know if teaching at the collegiate level will be my next move. I don’t know a lot of things because it’s only month one. But I know the Lord will make it clear to me with each step I take and in His perfect timing.



  • Our next country is Bolivia, but we have debrief before that, so pray for safe travel.
  • I was told I can do both Rainbow Mountain and Machu Picchu! PTL. Pray my knees can endure the strenuous activity.
  • Pray for strength for our ministry partners in the jungle, Belen and Pablo.
  • I started feeling sick (cold-like), so please pray for healing and recovery in that.
  • Pray for Erica. Doctors told her during her pregnancy either her other daughter would die, but both survived. Now, she has an internal condition and they told her she wouldn’t survive so they haven’t been giving her the medical attention they should.
  • Pray for team unity.
  • Pray for team safety.
  • I am $2,915 short of my fundraising goal. Continual prayers that all of it will be raised. Accepting donations through link at top, Venmo, Paypal, or CashApp. 

Thank you for reading and being a supporter and encouragement on this journey.

Until Heaven or Sooner,


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On a journey to teach I live faith. :)

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