God’s Plan

I thought it was called “Sunny Southern California” since the weather was always…..well, sunny. THEN WHY AM I OUT HERE WEARING UGGS?! Honestly, I can’t complain, I’m grateful to have a job and be able to wear this cute outfit considering everything going on with the public schools around me. God’s hand is surely in […]

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Yearly Verse

What scripture are you standing on this year? What’s your word? 

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Tattoos & Jesus

To my surprise, she rolled up her sleeves showing that she was significantly tatted up herself. Connection. Again,  okay, I only have four tattoos, but any Christian with a tattoo is always a plus for me.

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This is why community and brothers and sisters are so important because when we fall short of loving, we can see God’s love through the Godly examples of others.

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Commitment to Community

“Remain connected in community group and fellowship with other believers. Know that through all the things that may come and go in your life, God will never leave you nor forsake you.” Definitely the best advice I have EVER received. I teared up when I found this. This lady has inspired me to share the love of Christ everywhere I go, because it really can change someone’s life! #jesuschangedmylife

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Why the World Race?

Not again, Lord… These were the words that trailed in the back of my head before the journey of committing to the World Race began. This summer, in a radical leap of faith, I moved to California. Have I ever had thoughts of moving here? Nope. Do I even like beaches? Nope. But do I […]

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When the Unfamiliar becomes Familiar

Why do we do it? We have so many “normals” that when applied to other situations become so different. As I sit here looking out the airplane window, my fear of flying comes to the forefront. Why? Because planes can crash. Because I’m not in control. Because flying is a risk. But WHAT ISN’T?  Every […]

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Miles and LaVonshe Robinson Pt. 2 | Marriage, Friendships, and Sexual Desires

In this episode, we jump right back into it with questions regarding the single years. Our friends share what their actions and desires were when they were single. They express the lack of examples of good marriages and how that played a factor in their desire to get married. Furthermore, what is it like to […]

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Miles and LaVonshe Robinson Pt. 1

Can our dreams tell us who we are to marry?

Can a breakup actually be what leads you to your spouse?

What happens when you take a leap of faith?

If you’ve wondered any of these questions, then this episode is for you!

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