Freedom Fast

Will you join me? One day? July 4th.

Will you fast from sun up to sundown, with a pure heart for the Lord to move in this country?

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Should I do the Daniel Fast?

Realizing that the “Daniel Fast” is not a true fast, but rather a lifestyle that David lived, should we still model our fast off of it? Let’s see. What is a fast? Fasting is deliberately giving up food for a set period of time in order to seek the Lord through prayer. How long should […]

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The Daniel Fast is Not a Fast

As the new year rolls in, comes new diets, new commitments, but same ol’ Daniel fast (for some of us). If you were brought up in any sort of Christian community or around “Christian folk”, you know that the beginning of the year signals the church-wide Daniel fast. If you do not know what the […]

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