Just Name It and Claim It

I know the heart behind “name and it claim it.” I believe it’s honorable. I want to be counted in the Hall of Faith alongside Abraham “who believed and it was attributed as righteousness.” But, y’all, the direct words of God spoke the impossible to him and made it happen. I believe that’s happening today because God has chosen and spoken to specific individuals that what He has said will ultimately fulfill His purpose for them and give Him glory in this world. However, just because it’s what I want doesn’t mean I’ll get it. My not getting may actually be what he uses to fulfill His plan for me and get the most glory from.

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Whose Door are You Knocking On?

Yes, “sometimes” that does look like the severing of ties, but it is my conviction that God’s preference is not that route.

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Miles and LaVonshe Robinson Pt. 1

Can our dreams tell us who we are to marry?

Can a breakup actually be what leads you to your spouse?

What happens when you take a leap of faith?

If you’ve wondered any of these questions, then this episode is for you!

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How to Memorize Scripture

Do you struggle with scripture memorization? Do you know parts of scripture, but cant quite seem to remember where it’s found in the Bible? Or, are you facing situations that seem to cause sadness or depression? You often wonder, “How can I get these thoughts out my mind?” or “How can I overcome this?” You’re not alone. That’s often me, but here are ways I combat those situations through scripture memorization.

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Let Go Let God

When we do these comparisons, nothing good comes from it. We dig ourselves into a deeper pit of despair than before. What if there’s a better way? What must I do to get out of this pit and see the light? I think it’s summed up in one word: acceptance–otherwise known as “Let go and let God.”

“Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.”

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